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  • Jackpot xổ số miền bắcA confirmation of result can be processed by submitting to WAEC the following:

    1. One plain foolscap envelope
    2. One stamped, addressed envelope for each confirmation of results
    3. =N=250 postage stamp for local mails
    4. =N=350 postage stamp for international mails
    5. An affidavit sworn to in a court of law which should contain the following details:
      1. Candidate's Name (in full)
      2. Name of Examination
      3. Year of Examination
    6. Two copies of candidates's passport photograph per result
    7. Fee for confirmation of result is:
      1. =N=10,000.00 per result for overseas institutions
      2. =N=5,000.00 per result for institutions within Nigeria

    Confirmed results are not handed over to candidates. They are sent direct to the institutions/establishments which candidates want to provide with the information.

    Jackpot xổ số miền bắcNo. Instead it issues Attestation of Result to the owners of lost certificates or, when necessary, confirms their results for a fee. WAEC also issue Attestation of Result for damaged and lost certificates.

    WAEC certificates have no expiry date.

    School candidates collect their certificates from their schools while Private candidates obtain theirs directly from the WAEC offices in the state they sat the examination.

    Jackpot xổ số miền bắcResults are partially released due to queries arising from one or a combination of the following mistakes:

    • Wrong transfer of examination numbers in one or more papers;
    • Failure to shade examination numbers;
    • Shading objective sheets with biro pens instead of pencil;
    • Mistakes in entries leading to duplication of subjects.